Within 3 years, we have served over 1,000 customers and sold over 4,000 accounts. Feel free to contact us.

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You will no longer be a slave to the continuous, unjustified bans of Facebook ads.

You will scale your campaigns without limits or anxiety, gaining your freedom while keeping your ads active and profitable forever.


+39 351 797 2349


NAVIS SAGL c/o Fiduciaria Pellegrini Sagl Via Grazioso Rusca 17 6862 Rancate Svizzera No. IDI: CHE-499.507.474


    Who is Alessio Oliva

    Alessio started completely from scratch in the world of online business more than two years ago. Despite respecting the policies, his campaigns were repeatedly interrupted.

    For this reason, he decided to found Navis, the only company that, in addition to managing advertising campaigns, is able to guarantee the smooth running of Facebook and Instagram campaigns even if they continue to be rejected by the platform.

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