You will no longer be a slave to the continuous, unjustified bans of Facebook ads.

With Navis Line’s authorized partner ad accounts, you can scale your campaigns without limits or anxiety, maintaining your freedom and keeping your ads active and profitable forever.

Protect your business with Navis Line’s authorized partner ad accounts.

Struggling With Facebook, Tiktok, Google, Bans?

Even though you are trying to respect all Facebook policies?

It’s really frustrating when you find a winning ad and try to scale it to the moon, only for Facebook, TikTok, or Google to suspend your ad account, business manager, or ad account with no reason.

Join Starthigh and get access to a Navis premium ad account, which we call an “Agency ad account.” Our ad accounts are very strong because they have a high level of trust and are validated directly by our partners: Facebook, TikTok, and Google.

Our ad accounts have no spending limits, allowing our customers to scale their e-commerce businesses from day one.

By joining us, you will gain direct access to our premium ad accounts, as well as access to our experts who will help you resolve any issues related to Facebook bans.

We Are Digital Advertising Enablers

We break the barriers blocking you from scaling across major platforms. Our purpose is to provide fast, easy, and tailored solutions to media buyers struggling to keep their campaigns up and running worldwide.

Started in 2019 by a group of accomplished advertisers and smart tech geeks, Navis has rapidly grown to become the highest-tier service for all your digital campaigns.

Today, Navis provides high-end tools and edgy strategies to avert unwanted interruptions, ensuring your business can thrive undisturbed. You handle the advertising, and we take care of everything else.

Our Team Is Your Team

Alessio Oliva


Stefano Vaghi


Aqeel Zakir


Mubashir Islam

Ban Fixer

Elisa Franza



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